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First Past the Post® Hangman is traditional hangman with a twist, where children can 'buy' vowels and clues such as synonyms and antonyms. It's a great way to expand your vocabulary.


With over 20,000 words to play with and a range of fun themes, learning new words is easy.
All word definitions are sourced under license from Oxford University Press.


Compare your performance with students in your region by reviewing the hi-score table and build up your score day by day to get to the top!

Professor Eleven Plus First Past the Post® Word Game

A strong vocabulary is an essential part of success in the actual 11 plus exams since it enhances achievement in verbal reasoning, English comprehensions and composition. Vocabulary also aids in interviews in some selective schools as well as being a lifelong accessory.

  • Selective secondary schools for entry into Year 7 usually test at least one of verbal reasoning, English comprehensions or compositions.
  • In grammar schools compositions are often used as a tie breaker for those children with matching scores around the pass mark.
  • In independent (private) schools compositions are often part of the determinant for both eligibility for entry and scholarship bursaries.
  • The First Past the Post® suite of games allows you to both monitor your child's progress and see how they are preforming relative to other children preparing for similar exams.
  • The words and definitions are sourced from the Children's Oxford English School Dictionary. Once the child has completed the core list the remainder of the dictionary also opens up.
  • The First Past the Post® Hangman game is designed to be a fun way to pick up essential vocabulary for the 11 plus selective exams.
  • For each word the child has 11 lives (wrong guesses) to work out the word and gets to see the definition. They can "buy" a vowel (for 2 lives) or a clue (for 3 lives). A clue may be an antonym or synonym or some other hint for the target word.
  • When the word is completed the definition of the word is displayed again along with a list of synonyms and antonyms before the user is permitted to move on, encouraging the user to learn and use the word.
  • Successfully completing the word results in points which are evaluated by algorithm based on the length of the word and level of difficulty.
  • A High Score Table records the child's performance showing both overall performance compared to all users of the system plus regional leader boards enabling the parent to compare relative performance in your region.

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